Thursday, March 5, 2015

week 1 (2/25-3/5)

     Hey everyone!! first off, excuse my grammar and spelling, I only have a few minutes to say a TON!! 
     Its been a crazy week. I cant believe it has already been a week, and I also can't believe its only been a week haha. I guess technically it hasn't been a week yet since I've been here. I had quite the adventure getting here haha. 
     Everything went smooth on my flight from syracuse to La Guardia, NY but when time came for me to fly to Atlanta the weather was bad there so my flight was delayed. First for 30 min, then for 1 hour, then for 2 hours. By the time we finally left there was no way I was making my connecting flight to Buenos Aires. that was awesome. Also, I had no phone or means of communicating what happened with the missionary travel office. So I searched for a pay phone with no luck. I finally asked a worker where one was and she let me use hers which was great. I called the office and she said to find out what my new flight plan was and then call her again and she would get me a hotel if delta didn't. So I went and got my new schedule to fly from Atlanta to Miami then Miami to Buenos Aries, where I would arrive at 440 AM. Also awesome. 
     After I got all the info I went back to borrow her phone again and telll the office what was going on, but the phone wouldn't connect to the office. I had a slight mental breakdown. then I prayed and prayed and prayed for help on what to do and just imediately relaxed and took it one step at a time. I got a hotel room and then went and found a taxi. My cab drivers name was Wise Hes from ghana, he was awesome. He told me to call him in the morning and he would take me back to the airport. I made it to the Magnussan sp? hotel, and called missionary travel to tell them what was happening. ALSO I forgot to mention that the kind people at The La Guardia airport, made me check my carry on bag, so add that grossness ontop of everything else. The rest of my flights made it according to plan more or less and I made it to ARGENTINA.
     Its amazing I love it so much!!!! I havent seen much of it but its amazing. The temple is gorgeous and right next to us so we see it when we have lunch and when we play sports, (we use it as a guilt trip when people lie or cheat its great). Because I came late I didnt get to take any pícs, but hopefully my companionS, thats right, I'm in a TRIO!! it is so awesome, anyway hopefully my companions will get around to emailing it to me before I finish this email and I'll attach it. its gorgeous.
     My companions are Hermana Nuckles and Hermana Ross. They are awesome, everyday here is so jammed full of stuff but I love it. I feel like I've known everyone here for years. We have classes all day everyday except today! It's a nice break. (nap time is after this ;) We have 5 people in our room me and my companions and Hermana Gonzalez from Urugay and Hermana Munoz from Spain. 
     Everyday for one hour usually after lunch in-between classes we get to go outside and play sports its THE BEST. Like christmas everyday. I learn so much spanish there because the majority of the missionaries are from South America and a few from Spain. I typically play volleyball, we are all very bad at playing but we trash talk anyway, haha 
     For classes we are split up into districts based on how well you know spanish and when you arrived at the mtc. In my case our district is made up of all North Americans, we have two trios, one of Elders Barela, Payne, and Orme. And us Hermanas Speakman, Ross and Nuckles. Then there is Hermana Larsen and Anderson and Hermanos Corey and Robbins. Our district is called . . . AMMÓN!! Which I think is the coolest thing ever since he's always been one of my favorites. Its awesome being here and I love it. 
     The other fast sunday I felt compelled to go up and bare my testimony, which I never do, but this time I went, and I shared my testimony on the power of pray and shared my experience with traveling here, but it was still a little to fresh and traumatizing for me so of course I bawled like a baby and now Elder Bedford (ex FBI agent, and first councilor to President Willis) Enjoys calling me a cry baby haha which I deserve. 

      One of the hardest things we've done here is practicing teaching investigators in spanish. Our first lesson was with Hermano Catrón who pretended to be an investigator named Patricio. He was so intense and not very friendly or helpful haha so it was rough. Especially since it was only our second day and my spanish was garbage. But it was a great learning experience and I know it sounds crazy, but el Don de Lenguas is REAL. I can already speak so much more and teach almost an entire lesson after less than a week! We taught a lesson last night to another teacher and it was so awesome. The teacher was a lot nicer haha but it was great. We went in less prepared than when we taught Patricio but more intent on just listening and figuring out what he needed to hear and it was way better.
      I love being here so much the food is amazing, the kiwis are bomb. The spirit is overwhelmingly comforting. It is so incredible to be surrounded by people who feel the same way I do and there's so many of us its like a whole new world. I love it with all my heart and I am so grateful I came. I KNOW God hears us and he loves us and he wants nothing more than to help us and for us to be happy and live with him again. Mosiah 2:41

I love you all!! i miss you so much . 

HAPPY BIRTHDAY Grandpa Speakman! Bailey! Linzi! KAM BAM tomorrow and Jace and Lincoln! Te Amo. 
We only have one very stressful hour for writing haha so im sorry if i dont respond please forgive me!!
 Also, Pday is on thursdays here. Love you!! thanks for all your love and support!!! Have a great week!!! 
Love Hermana Speakman 

Buenos Aires Temple

MTC grounds 


  1. How wonderful to feel your excited and steadfast spirit! Love you and know you will be unstoppable in declaring the truth...offending satan with devotion to truth!

  2. You're awesome, just like Ammon. I bet your soccer skills will come in handy in reaching some to preach the gospel. Glad you made it safe. I feel your strong spirit and faith! Keep rocking it Hermana. Te Amo