Thursday, March 26, 2015

week 4 (3/20-3/26)

This week has been pretty good, a lot of friends left again, but it wasn't as hard as the first group, they weren't as friendly this time.  (;

We teach relief society and give talks in english. Sundays are english for us which is a huge blessing! We also get to watch General Conference in English here!! 

This week our tracting experience wasn't as good, we had a lot less success. Some crazy guy and I almost got in a fight, he was preaching at us like a lunatic told us our religion is like opium hahaha. But there was a lady that we met, also from Paraguay. She was in the bus stop so we just walked over and asked how she was, she was uncomfortable and kinda turned away, I don't remember what I asked but all of a sudden she just started talking, she talked for 20 min, I was able to give her a Book of Mormon and got her information. We told her other missionaries would be by to teach her. I was just glad I could understand most of the conversation.  My companions said the entire time they were just praying I would understand cause they couldn't. 

I'm really excited for Paraguay, we've been learning how hot it is though so thats stressing me out, but its going to be amazing!  There is a teacher here that served there and he speaks a little guarani, it sounds insanely hard. We get whole new name tags with guarani on them! Not that it matters since they can't read, but its still cool. 
Two nights ago we made a fort in our bedroom and had a competition against the other elders in our district, the Brazilians are the judges of whose was cooler! 

 Sisters Nuckles and Ross and roommates

It doesn't feel like a sacrifice being here, all I´ve been receiving are blessings. The hardest part is learning the language which a great blessing for me!  I was most nervous about homesickness. 

Companionship Sisters Ross, Nuckles and Speakman

Argentina Temple

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