Tuesday, September 29, 2015

week 25 (9\29\2015)

Hey everyone! 
Changes were this week, once again, but luckily I got to stay in Yukyry with my companion Hermana Cornejo :) We are continuing working here and trying to get to know the new parts of our area. 
Today we had a service project in the morning where we went to help build a house of a family... haha cant say we are experts but we gave it our best shot haha.
 This week we have been working a lot with some families that are really struggling, and it really was a testament for me that we have to be careful in all that we do. And the Littlest things make all the difference. Satan finds the littlest things to use to attack us. We have to be ready and we have to be strong. The difference that this gospel makes when we live firmly in it, is amazing. 
Please follow the teachings of the prophets. They are here to guide us and direct us, the things they teach will only help us, we have to be stronger than the things of the world, they only bring momentary happiness. 
I love you all!!!! Be strong and of good courage!! 
Read your scriptures every day!! 
hermana Speakman

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

week 24 (9/21/215)

This week, Mayeli, Melani, and Ingrid Benitez were baptized!! Their dad was able to baptize them and it was.... amazing. :) This really is the Lords work. I know with all my heart that our Father in Heaven listens to our prayers and He will answer them. I know that this is the Church of Jesus Christ. That even though we as members aren't perfect, He is and He is the head of this Church and this work. I am so grateful to be a part of it, for the change it is making in my life and for the person Paraguay is changing me to be. I hope you all have a great week, I am so grateful for your love your prayers and your examples to me. 
Be strong and Keep moving forward with faith!!! He is here. 
With lots of love,
Hermana Speakman

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

week 23 (9/14/2015)

So, I didn't use my time wisely again and I'm almost out, but I just wanted to say this week was great! We really saw the hand of the Lord in all things. I love Paraguay!! This week we are prepping Mayeli, Melani and Yngri to be Baptized.  There is a photo attached of us with Yngri and her older brother Gino. Her parents and her older brothers are less active members, but this family is amazing. You can see the difference of the light of Christ in their lives. I learn so many new things from them everyday and I truly know that the Lord preps the hearts of his children and that he knows and loves every single one of us!!
I hope you all had a great week and have an even better one this week!! Keep the faith. The Lord has a plan for all of us. 
With lots of love, 
Hermana Speakman

Monday, September 7, 2015

week 22 (9/7/2015)

Hey everyone, this week was great! 
Remember how for the past few weeks I've been super annoying talking about how visiting people makes all the difference. well... its going to happen again. 
This week we visited a family, that I'm honestly a little afraid of. They don't like  it when the missionaries visit them, so to help us we visited them with our bishop and another sister from the ward...... This Sunday they were in church!! It had absolutely nothing to do with us as missionaries, and everything to do with the love that they felt from the ward and through that visit they were also able to feel the love of God and feel once again the desire to go to church. There are so many people out there suffering who need our help. We need to help our Heavenly Father, He does so much for us, he gives us all so much and all he asks is that we keep his commandments and help others in return. I know its hard when we think about all the other things we need to do. But if we have our priorities straight a little visit to someone in need wont be all that hard, and will make all the difference for them. 
Also we have been teaching a guy named Pedro,  for about 3 months, and its been a huge battle to get him to come to church, we finally had to let him go and focus on our other investigators, last Sunday, HE WENT TO CHURCH!!!!!!!!! I actually cried that time haha. He is an amazing investigator, he reads his Book of Mormon all the time answers the questions in the back of the pamphlets we leave and everything. He lives with his girl friend who is less active and she doesn't want to go to church that's what was keeping him from coming, but finally they came!! 

We have a family of investigators that I love so much, they treat us like idk, they treat us every time we arrive at their homes like their best friends that they haven't seen in forever with huge hugs and kisses. The mom and dad are less active but they have 3 daughters who haven't been baptized. Since we started visiting them, they have been at church every Sunday <3. I love teaching them because you learn from them too and they actually want to learn they want to progress.
Haha the other day we contacted a reference from the Elders, and it was a Lady who told the Elders the only reason why shes not baptized is because nobody visited her..... that is literally the reason! our first lesson with her was the Law of Chasity haha and the next day she told her boyfriend that they are getting married!!
Thank you all for your examples to me for your love and for your support!! I hope you have a great week, be strong and of good courage. Help someone in need, after all we are all beggars. Mosiah 4:17-21. 
 Ah we are working with so many people!! I love Paraguay its amazing, the people are teaching me so many things, about life about the gospel about everything. I couldn't have asked for a better place to go. 
Have a great week!! 
With lots of Love,
Hermana Speakman 

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

week 21 (Aug. 31, 2015)

Hey Everyone! 
This week wassss..... un-explainable!!! It was amazing really. This week, ah. :) 
This week we made a pin for the pig of Hermana Elsa, I got to name the pig... its name is Babe, cause its a babe. 
We also had Family home evening with her and family and another family from the ward. We came together as a team to help this family and it was, amazing! It was really good :)  The difference that having this family come with us and talk to the family of Hermana Elsa was incredible.They saw that really the little things not only help the missionaries but everyone and that there are people out there who are going through the same things who are in the same boat trying to change their lives and come closer to the Lord. The spirit was really strong..... even though I lost the game and had to go out into the street and scream my pig died hahahha 
 Pedro, Mayeli, Melani, Ingrid and Lilian all made it to church.... IT WAS AMAZING. I almost cried haha The best part is seeing them when church ends with big smiles on their faces talking to their new friends in the ward and telling us what they learned and what they liked from church. 
I hope everyone is well! I know that the Lord blesses us for being obedient, and that He knows each of us personally and knows what we are going through, and He guides our leaders in how to help us.
Thank you for your examples to me! for your love and support! I miss you all and hope you have a great week this week. 
Congratulations Britt!!!!! I wish I could be there to celebrate your amazing day with you!!!!!! <3 :) 
Love you all!!!