Monday, March 14, 2016

week 49 (3/14/2016)

Hi everyone!! 

I hope you all had a great week! 
This week I want to share a part of a talk really stood out to me, while I was reading the Ensign this month. I came across an article by Katy Mcgee, the name of her Article is, "Gaining Gospel Insights through Motherhood." Her article is based on a few basic truths of the gospel that she learned through experiences with her children.. and one of the experiences that touched me the most and stood out to me was her first insight that she shard about our Father in Heaven.. She shared the following story: 

"One day while I was ironing, one-year-old Claire began to cry in her crib. It was nap time, and I knew that if I could quickly give her a pacifier, she would fall back to sleep. Three-year-old Lucy was playing in the room where I was ironing. I debated for a moment and then decided to keep the iron on, knowing I’d be out of the room for only a few moments. “Lucy, do you see that iron on my tall table?” I asked. “It’s VERY hot. I need to give Claire her pacifier. Please don’t touch the iron while I’m gone, or it will hurt you.”
I was sure Lucy understood, so I quickly slipped out of the room. I returned a moment later, and I heard a whimper from behind a chair.
“Lucy?” I asked. “Where are you?”
She didn’t reply.
“Are you OK? Why are you hiding?”
I walked over behind the chair and sat on the floor. Her face was buried in her hands. After a few refusals to tell me what happened, she finally said, “Mommy, I touched your iron.”
At first I was confused that she hadn’t heeded my warning. Then I felt heartbroken that she would hide from me after making a small mistake, afraid she had lost my love and confidence. I knew she was powerless to take the pain away, and only I could help her burned finger feel better. I comforted Lucy, and as I rushed her to the bathroom sink to ease the pain, the Spirit whispered to my heart: “This is how Heavenly Father feels when His children fail to heed His warnings and won’t allow Him to ease their pain when they need it most.” In that moment I felt such joy at this knowledge and a confidence in the Lord’s willingness to teach me."
After reading this story I thought about how true it is.. aren't we all like this young child, we all commit errors or pass through hard times and a lot of the time, rather than turning to the one person that can heal us and help us to make it better, we run away, we hide.  We feel that somehow He will stop loving us or that we are better off alone to deal with it.  When in reality.. that isn't what He wants, that is Never what He wants.. The things that we go through are not to drive us farther away from Him in fact that's the opposite of His plan for us. He wants us to come unto Him he wants to live with us again, but we cannot do so if we don't receive His help and His healing power. That is why Christ came. He loves every single one of us, just like a mother loves her child even with they make mistakes, or pass through hard times. 
Don't forget about Him and His love, You are never alone. Let Him heal you.. Psalms 147:3. 
I hope you all have a great week!  Don't forget to pray, trust in the Lord and His love. :) 
Love you all!! 
With love, Hermana Speakman 

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