Wednesday, April 22, 2015

2 week 4/20/15

Well,l I don't have much time! But this week was good! 
We have been trying to work a lot with inactive members helping them remember their faith and build it up again. I know that God hears our prayers and he always answers! 
The people of this Branch are the best! I love them! I cant really communicate with them but they are so kind and loving and they feed us every day lunch (lunch is the big meal here).  The members have been helping me learn Guarani and Spanish. 
The other day it rained really hard and flooded the streets, it was crazy, our streets are mostly just rock. which kills the feet ha, but they have to be to prevent flooding. Also our area is one of the only areas that has a ton of hills, lucky us right. 
I learned that Part of Brazil is our district so this week we will be working there! I'm stoked. 
I hope all is well. I miss you all! 

Happy Birthday yesterday Aunt Raquel! and happy Birthday Brock today!!!! 

Che Pohayhu (I love you all in Guarani) 
Never forget to pray always! He always listens!!!! 
I am including some pictures of my apartment, some Paraguayan food, and a photo of the Book of Mormon translated in the Guarani language.  

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