Monday, April 27, 2015

Week 3 (4/27/2015)

Hello all! 
This week has been great! 
We have been focusing a lot of work on less active members and helping them out. We have been teaching a family who have been returning to the church, their son died about 4 weeks ago but their testimony has only grown stronger its amazing. They are prepping for the temple so they can all be sealed together and the father has been prepping to be worthy to hold the priesthood so he can baptize his son! its amazing!! The ward has been so loving and so good with them as well. I love the people here they are amazing. 
We have been teaching an investigator who's boyfriend is inactive, her son was recently baptized and she wants to be baptized as well but cannot be until they are married. She wants to wait to be married until he has his life together and he has been changing so much its amazing. They are prepping to be married and hoping to be sealed together. Seeing the light and the hope in the families eyes when we teach about the principle of eternal families is honestly one of the most rewarding things. We were also able to teach them about family prayer, and since they have been praying together there is a noticeable difference in the family its phenomenal. I was able to bear testimony of the change it has had within my own family as well. 
One of our recent converts just received the Priesthood this Sunday! he was pretty nervous and didn't really care at the same time, he didn't understand the purpose. But we were able to teach him the weeks leading up to it how important and amazing the priesthood is and his whole attitude changed. I was able to share how grateful I am for the priesthood in my home, and for the blessings I was able to receive while in the CCM as well as before leaving and my testimony about its power. 
We have been teaching a lot of inactive members and members about the Book of Mormon, it was crazy for us to find that very few understood the importance of this book in our lives and in our religion. We firmly believe this is why many are less active, because they don't have testimonies, so we have been trying to help them gain testimonies for themselves. 
This week was also crazy because we got a phone call from the mission presidents office, the presidents secretary asked to speak to me and said he had some good news and some bad news. My heart dropped I thought something had happened to someone in my family, luckily it was nothing near that! My finger prints were rejected again so yesterday we had to travel here to Asuncion, all night, it was the worst haha we got here at 5 am this morning, walked a while finally caught a super scary bus packed full of people and made it to the office at 7. My finger prints have been taken and sent and hopefully everything works out! :) If not, its all in the plan right! 
On Tuesday this week we had lunch at a members house and it was phenomenal, but I had a slightly traumatizing moment when her grand daughter walked in the room with the leg (not cooked, freshly cut off the chicken talons still intact, and still bleeding a little with the bone showing) of the chicken we were eating, and began to touch her brother with it and play with it, not phased in the slightest. I thought i was going to be sick hahaha. 
Also, here there are tons of dogs everywhere, and they always want to fight us, but as soon as we bend over to pick up a rock they take off as fast as lightening. We were at a less active members home talking about how we carry around rods of wood with us because as soon as the dogs see it they walk casually away trying to pretend they weren't planning on attacking us and sharing their diseases. And he comes out with two Squash racquets, and tells us they are for us hahahha so we walked home with our racquets to defend our lives against the druggies and dogs of Paraguay. It was great! 
I would like to thank everyone for their love and support, I really appreciate you all, this week has been a little hectic with the travels so time is short but I love you all and I miss you! Stay safe, never give up! Thank you all for being so amazing. 

Love, Hermana Speakman 

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