Monday, May 4, 2015

week 4 (5/4/2015)

Hello everyone! This week was great! 
We traveled to Asuncion and were able to go through the temple, it really was like being in a whole new world! The spirit was amazing there. We had a nice long 8 hour bus ride there, we got there at 5am then had to catch a Collectivo, which is another bus that is very um.... scary haha the streets are straight up rocks, (i have attached a photo of the streets), you have to stand the whole time if there isn't space, and there wasn't space, and the rocks do not make for a very smooth ride haha. I almost smothered a few people, don't worry though, my abs of steel helped me stay upright hahaha jk I wish. I was killing people left and right. But we survived and so did they and that's all that matters right.   
After our trip to Asuncion, we arrived back in Pedro Juan at 930, and our awesome branch president picked us up and gave us a ride home. The members here are so amazing I love them they are always so willing to help, and they are really enthusiastic about missionary work as well! Its incredible. 
Yesterday we had a huge rain storm and the power went out and the streets flooded, I got pictures before the storm really hit. The power went out during testimony meeting, but the members just got right up opened the blinds and we kept on going, it was amazing. Afterwards, we returned home, usually we have lunch but they cancelled so we returned home to try to scavenge up some food, we didn't have any because we were in Asuncion Monday and that's when we go grocery shopping, so we were a little sad hahaha but, the sister whose home we live and was talking to us when we got home, asked what we were doing for lunch, when we told her we were going to eat at home she asked what we were going to eat..... hahahha we said, "oh just some food we have in the fridge", she feeds us on Thursdays, so we didn't want her to cook for us again, and she said, I'm going to get something together and bring it over" and she did! Within 30 min we had a warm delicious meal in-front of us, there is a picture attached, the bread is not corn bread, idk what it is but i think it has onions in it, its really good actually! Its a Paraguayan specialty and is my companions favorite. The members are amazing and so loving here!! 
The other day we were teaching the family who is prepping to be sealed in the temple and the husband is prepping to be able to baptize his son, it was about 7pm, we didn't return to the house for dinner, so we were hungry haha and they just brought food right now, they taught us a new Paraguayan sandwich, bread, dulce de leche (which is like caramel), and nuts hahah so weird but so good!!! 
Another fun fact about here, there are random large bones everywhere... what from, no idea but they are everywhere! 
Tip for anyone who wants to travel to Paraguay, here they shout Neki! at their dogs, this is not their name, this means go away in Guarani. hahaha Yes, I learned this lesson the hard way. There are quite a few members who now when they see me enjoy pretending to call their dogs Neki and die of laughter hahahaha its ok, no shame here hahaha. 
The people of Paraguay are so humble and so willing to listen to a message about God. Here there are no door bells, and we don't knock on doors, we stand away from the doors and clap. Then wait for permission to enter. The great thing about here is usually they are all sitting outside on their chairs sipping terreare (not sure if that's how you spell it) because its so hot. When we walk up and ask to share a message they go and get a chair for us and sometimes when they have no more they will give us their chair and get a bucket to sit on and offer us some of their drink, we aren't allowed to drink it while on the mission, but the people are great!! 
The picture of the bottle and the spigot is my water purification process because one time of vomiting and dying all day is sufficient for a life time. haha Also I'm too lazy to lug huge jugs of water 3 miles back home. 
Being here has taught me so many lessons already in this short time! Days feel like weeks, weeks feel like days and months feel like years haha. Don't ask me how butI  have never been able to accomplish so much on so little energy.  I know that it is because this truly is the work of the Lord and your prayers, every single one helps and I know that He hears every prayer and He will help us always.
 So please pray for me as well because I made the mistake of offering to pray in front of the branch president and he now knows my Spanish is a little more than nothing, so he's going to ask me to speak soon..... hahaha 
I love you all and I'm so grateful for all of you!! I Hope all is well!
 Shout out to Uncle Ike, Happy Birthday last week!!!! Sorry I was away from my calender and missed it!! Aunt Jamie Happy Birthday Yesterday! Mallory, Blakely and Briggs Happy Birthday this Saturday! And Happy Mothers day to everyone!!! Thank you for your examples to me! I love you all!! 
Love, Hermana Speakman 
ps excuse my terrible grammar there is not enough time haha 
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