Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Week 5 (5/11/2015)

Hello again everyone! 
This week was great!  I got to skype with my family on Sunday, made me miss home a little lot but it was great to see their faces!!
On Monday, we had the opportunity to have FHE with a family that feeds us on Tuesdays.  We taught them a lesson and at the end Anderson (the grandson) was going to say the prayer to close the lesson and to bless the food. So he gave a nice prayer to close the meeting, but forgot to bless the food, so hermana Dora the grandma, said she would say it, she was slightly irritated because she was ready to eat,  she gave a nice long 5 min prayer blessing everyone in the room. But she forgot the reason she was praying and once again the food was not blessed hahaha. By this time her husband was exasperated and said he would say it and he made sure to bless the food first thing then continue on his prayer hahahaha it was a great laugh for all. This is also the family that enjoys making fun of me because I thought every dog in Paraguay was named Neki ha. They are great. 
On Tuesday, the leaders of the Hermanas came down to go on splits with us, they arrived at 530 in the morning, I tried really hard not to be angry,  just kidding but every second of sleep matters. We had a great day of work with them, it was a nice change of pace and learning experience. We also had something called Noche Wasy which is like a family home evening for the ward.  It was at Hermana Doras house. We brought some investigators with us, Stephanie who is 12 years old, her brother Anthony who is 9 and their cousin Rueben 9 and his sister who is 8. We got to the Wasy and it was mostly just old people talking, they are hilarious but the little kids were losing interest, I didn't know what to do, so we started to play a game called shoot bang kill. It was great because it held their interest until the others arrived, then we had an amazing spiritual thought and devoured delicious food as well.
On Wednesday, we had lunch at Hermana Bascilicias home.  She is a tiny Paraguayan woman about 55 years old. She has been helping me learn guarani and is amazing. On Wednesday we were talking about an incident that happened Tuesday night, a woman was brutalized not far from her house, and she, like all the members here, was concerned for our safety. So this tiny woman began to teach us what we need to do to defend ourselves from the men of Paraguay. I will not be going in to detail the lessons that were taught, but she encouraged us to kill them if we can. Don't worry we wont be doing that but it was hilarious. 
Yesterday, was a huge rain storm so not many people went to church, I also got to give a talk..... in Spanish.... for 15 minutes. I think I blacked out.  Just kidding it went pretty well, it was really hard but I know that Heavenly Father is helping me learn this language and I know without his help I would be so lost. I'm so grateful to be here as well! Its so different but amazing in its own special way. 
I love you all! Hope you have a great week!! Thank you for your prayers and for your emails! I love every single one! 
Happy Birthday Uncle Brad this week!!! And congrats Gordon on your mission call!!!!! You're going to be great! 
Che Pohayhu!!!!
Love Hermana Speakman 

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