Monday, May 25, 2015

week 7 (5/25/2015)

This week was good! 
A boy named Aquiles was baptized, his family is the family that is working towards being sealed in the temple and we have been working with to reactivate. It was amazing!! His dad was able to baptize him. The next step is to prep them to be sealed for all eternity. We are working with their older son right now to try to help him prepare to be able to sealed as well. This gospel is amazing I love the hope these things bring us. And I love seeing the change in their lives because of this gospel!! 
Today we had a Zone activity, and we were able to play soccer for about 3 hours, it was soooooo good. haha I missed playing! 
This Sunday 5 of our Investigators were able to go to church, they are amazing!!! 4 of them are family and every time we walk to church activities they pick us flowers.. pretty soon we are going to have a garden hahaha. 
Things are going really good here! The language is coming slowly but surely everyday, and the homesickness is a little less everyday which is the greatest blessing, to be able to really focus on why I'm here. I am so grateful for the blessings of this gospel and that I know that this life isn't the end!!! Never forget to pray and read your scriptures, they help us fight this war of life!! 
I love you all!! Miss you all a ton! Thank you for all of your prayers, I sincerely know every one helps. 
Happy Birthday Mikayla Last week!!! Happy Birthday Old Man Uncle Bill!!! ;) I know you missed me this memorial weekend throwing water on you! I hope Britt helped me out there :) Happy Birthday Kayden!!!!! 
and Happy Memorial day to all! Thank you to all those who have served and are serving our country. 
Love you all!!!!!!!! Stay strong :)

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