Monday, June 8, 2015

Week 9 (6/8/2015)

Well, I made it another week! :) 
This week has been crazy. 
Its never fun getting rejected, especially after a lot of time dedicated to a person and this week we received a lot of rejection. But there's no time to feel sorrow for yourself, well like 15 minutes but then its time to start working again! And that's the only way to feel better.  That and spending time with the amazing people here. They are amazing and frustrating all at the same time haha 
This week, the greatest thing ever happened, I just want everyone to know, THE ROOSTER IS DEAD!!!!!! not sure if I wrote about this horrible creature in my group emails, but our neighbors had a rooster that was the worst, and it finally died and I wanted to cry with joy, luckily I was sick the day it happened or I might have been tempted to do a happy dance in front of its owners hahaha.  
We have been trying to help an Hermano from the ward quit drinking and start coming back to church, its been a long process with him but he is slowly coming around, this week he said my companion and I are Diablitas (Little devils) Because we always come right when he wants to drink and say no no no hahaha.  I think hes a little confused about what devils do ;) We were also talking about the different churches with him and his family, and he told a story about when his family was catholic and one day he went to the church and a drunk came up to him and grabbed his head very strongly to try to give him a blessing, the hermano said that he (in a tone like he was teasing a child) smacked his hand away and said  uh uh, no no  voy a doy la cha cha! Which basically means no no, I'm going to spank you hahaha 
Anyway, I hope everyone is well! I love you all and  I am grateful for all that you do! Don't forget to pray, it really makes all the difference!  I know that our Father in heaven wants to hear from every single one of us  and its a great blessing that we have, to be able to pray and be heard! 
Happy Birthday Uncle  Brian!!! Hope you have a great day!! 
Love hermana Speakman

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