Monday, February 1, 2016

week 43 (2/1/2016)

Hey Everyone! 

Well, this week we had changes. Hermana Martinez went to a new area and I am now with Hermana Morgan from Peru! Im going to be "killing her" (mission slang for she's going to finish her mission as my companion). She's great! I love being with her, haha there is never a dull moment!

This week has been very draining, lacking lots of sleep from changes, but the promise of the Lord held true through this week. As I gave all my effort to be obedient and do the things the way the Lord commanded, I had the strength to make it through, to keep walking, keep talking, keep teaching and keep smiling. Haha, this really has been my miracle of the week and a testimony to me that if we put the Lord first, no matter how tired we are we will be able to accomplish all the things the Lord wants and needs us to do.

Also, this week as we were out teaching, we ran into an older lady with Alzheimers.. She was lost but didn't know she was lost. I had some clues that she was a member and so we started calling all the missionaries asking if they knew her. Nobody had any idea who she was. The family that she was with said that the police were on their way to get her and help her find her family, so we left things how they were... 
However, the next day we had lunch in the same area and we started contacting and ran into her again. She ended up sleeping on the street that night because the police had never showed up. So we started our search again for her family, the night before we had mentioned her to our Mission Leader of the ward and he said he knew the name and thought that he might know her. So we called him and he ran over to where we were. As we were waiting for him we started calling everyone again.. still nothing. Pablo our mission leader showed up and had the idea to call a brother from the ward. We called him, and he got in instant contact with her family that was desperately searching for her. 
We walked her to the church to meet her family and as we were walking, she began to speak more and more with us. It stuck out to me that she didn't remember who she was, she didn't remember where she was from and barely remembered her name. But, what she never forgot was what she believed. She taught us not to rob, not to lie, not to cheat. She taught us that our Father in Heaven loves us, and she taught us that every one of us is a child of Him so we have to treat everyone with love. Haha I learned many things that day from her, as well as the people in Paraguay, even though she was a stranger they took her in to protect her and to give her food. They let her sit with them and treated her like a queen. 
The littlest moments like these.... change lives. 

I love this gospel and I am thankful for it. Thank you all for your love, support and for all that you do for me and for others. 
Don't forget that the things you do and teach, change lives.
 I miss you all!! 

With love, 
Hermana Speakman 

Returned to visit old ward and members, Yenni (one holding baby) was baptized!

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