Monday, August 3, 2015

week 17 (8/3/2015)

Hello everyone! 
I hope you all had a great week. 

This week we were able to teach a family of investigators and the parents committed to prepare to get married the 29th of August!!! :D and then get baptized and prepare to go to the Temple to be sealed. This family is amazing I love them so much. 
We were also teaching the daughter of a menos activo and she at first wanted nothing to do with the church but changed her heart and now is preparing to be baptized. A miracle passed and she decided to live with her dad instead of moving back with her mom and we now are going to have the opportunity to continue to teach her and help her :) 
I once again almost died from the hole in the collectivo, this time was more serious I'm pretty sure the collectivo fell apart after we got off haha next week there will be a picture of the hole.
This week we got stranded at the house of our family after setting dates with them to get married and baptized and we had to walk home for more than an hour! When we were almost home a drunk guy started trying to offer us a ride to our house on the back of his motor scooter, luckily our police friends passed by and took us home in their truck haha! 
This week has been full of adventures haha attached is a picture of Alejandra, the daughter of the family Bogado León, her parents are preparing to be married the 29th and weren't able to come to church this Sunday but she came with us and here is a picture of us on the collectivo that we almost died in, on our way home :) 

This week I got the news that Great Grandpa Lynn had passed. I know he is so happy now with Great grandma and I will forever be grateful for their examples to us and for the families that they gave me. He will be greatly missed, but he won the battle and now he is resting in peace and I will always be grateful for this knowledge. 

I hope everyone is well. Never lose faith. I love you all. 
Be strong and of good Courage. 
Love, Hermana Speakman 

Paraguayan dancers outside my home

Time to replace the shoes...1st set to go

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