Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Week 18 (8/10/2015)

Hello everyone! 

This week has been a little crazy! I got sick Thursday night and that lasted until Sunday Night. Sunday I also had the luck of giving a talk in Sacrament meeting... my main goal was to not pass out, my second was to make a little bit of sense. Not sure if anyone understood anything but I didn't pass out so I achieved at least one of my goals! haha 
This week two of our investigators came to church!! Alejandra came again, and also Jazmin Soledad. Shes 15 years old and is the Daughter of a less active member. When we first met her she had the worst attitude and wanted nothing to do with the church but she has completely changed and is now asking us why she has to wait so long to be baptized! It was a great experience and what made it even better were the members! They were so welcoming to Jazmin and Alejandra, they have friends in the church to help them feel the love of God stronger in the church. 
I know that when I was at home I really wasn't as good as I should have been with helping the missionaries with their investigators and the members as well feel comfortable and happy at the church, but being out here on the mission has taught me and shown me the difference the members can make in their lives! I would like to challenge everyone to test it out and see the difference you can make.
Attached are a few pictures of my companion and I with the kids of the family Bogado Leon! and one of the collectivos that save our lives and our legs every day haha.  
Thank you for all of your love and support and prayers. I miss you all

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